Jesus & Mary & Joseph & The wee donkey.

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This is one kick-ass line from Hastings!

Couple of things about this t-shirt....

This is based on a popular cultural t-shirt design that originated in the early 2000's called the 'Ampersand t-shirt'. All the cool kids wear them, so if you wanna be part of that gang, please don't email us and tell us there's too many 'ands'...we know!
Here's a wee bit about the history of the t-shirt:

What Is the Deal with Those "& Shirts," and What Was the First One? - Pop Culture Tees

Secondly... the 'o' in the Donkey is a bullet hole (like on the logo for LOD) - it's not a print error. Extra points for getting that subtlety!¶ÿ


This Norn Iron Tee is available in 8 different styles and 17 colours.¶ÿ

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