Hex no.3 Whiskey Tumbler

  • £20.00

The new 'Hex' range of whiskey tumblers are inspired by the beautiful Giant's Causeway stones up at the North coast.

They can also be used to contain any drink, but I kinda think an Irish whiskey which rhymes with Mushbills would suit best.

Each one is completely unique, a bit like the 6-sided boulders themselves.

I've created them using a load of mystical ancient techniques and they are entirely made by hand. If you're interested here's the very long list...

-Thrown on a wheel using white buff clay
-Refined on the wheel once leather dry
-Little tiny stickers placed on the side to create the pattern
-Black slip painted on the side to give the dark grey colour
-Stickers (very carefully) peeled off to reveal the white
-Bisque firing
-Second Refining with sandpaper
-Glaze applied
-Glaze Cleaned up (as you don't want a dirty bottom)
-Glaze Fired

Each piece is a one-off, so snap them up to avoid disappointment! 

UK postage is £4.50, however if you would like to pick up in Lisburn, please let us know and we will refund the postage.